The case of D’Angelo Russell and the broken “bro code”

About two weeks ago, sports news sites were going crazy after a video of D’Angelo Russell secretly videotaping Nick Young admitting he’s been cheating on his fiancé, Iggy Azalea was leaked (reportedly by a celeb gossip site, who posted the video on Twitter).

In the video (see below), Russell asks Young a series of questions about women he’s been involved with. When asked about Amber Rose, Nick Young responds by saying that Iggy Azalea and Amber Rose know each other (implying that he’s refrained from trying to have an affair with Amber Rose because he thinks she would inform Iggy Azalea of his actions).

A few days after the incident, at a home game, D’Angelo Russell was booed by Lakers fans during his introduction.

Early reports on the release of the video reported Russell had been isolated from the team after the leaking of the video, some of his teammates even going so far as to get up and walk away when Russell sat next to them in the locker room; however, Russell said, “Nah, I wouldn’t necessarily say that. There’s been a bad vibe, but we’re human. So everybody has two cents to say. We’ve just got to clear the air, I guess.”

Once the news hit the web, Twitter exploded with comments on the leaked video; most of them were aimed towards D’Angelo Russell, who many called a “snitch,” though a minority of tweets chose to focus on what I believe to be the true issue: Nick Young is a cheater.



Untitled 2.png

Untitled 2.pngUntitled.png



Gilbert Arenas, a former NBA player and apparent misogynistic asshole (excuse my french), headed to Instagram to put in his two cents in a lengthy, profane caption. Here is an edited version of the text:

“We have a Barn burner LADIES and Gents..This ALL light skinned 2 on 2 death match will be coming this summer..introducing first, from team #SnitchandSteal..#d’angelo loose lips recorder #Russell..known around the nba as the sneakiest n**** with a camera phone BUT does come second in #LA history behind the b**** who recorded #donaldsterling hahaha Russells teammate will be #Derek imma f*** teammates girl #Fisher..known in the lakers family room as #DADOG just ran around with that little pink thing hanging out his pants #thirstyDog..ALSO known in the streets as the first n**** in fighting history to have (7 friends)and 1body guard WATCH,while he got his a** whooped #teamNOhelp soon as his back hit that ground that body guard should have been FIRED lmaoo did anyone even PINCH @matt_barnes9 ? Now their opponents,first up from team #WaitTilIseeUN****..#Nick @swaggyp1 #Young known in LA as #usher #MRConfessions..this dummy told on himself like he was on an episode of #thefirst48..nick laying on the bed all calm and relaxed like #russell gave his as a #soda,#ciggerettes and a #ultimatefeast coupon for #redlobster for his confession #SHUTDAFUCKUPPPP hahaha Nick just came out and said”its best me and russell handle this situation we have in private #N****what? Wasnt the LAST conversation yall had in private?? You might wanna treat him like a (#CI confidential informant) take his a** under water to bikini bottom lmaooo get two tickets to #splashmountain before talking that night hahaha and nicks teammate will be #MATT imma kill yo a** derek #Barnes..known in LA as quick tempered,with a heavy foot on that gas pedal to go whoop a night ass REAL QUICK hahaha #Matt will be the first NBA player to have a restraining order put on him By an ex-teammate lol derrick he coming for you bra, EVEN at a kids PICNIC,EVEN in the shower.. YOU better watch yo back….LAKER fans I have #2000( in memories of)shirts, going on sell this summer GET THEM WHILE THEY’s a collectibles item if u can get #russell or #fish to it sign before they DIE haha”

(He sounds like an idiot)

Antonio Davis, a former NBA player turned ESPN NBA analyst, said:

We’re like brothers because of everything we’ve gone through. So for your brother to do something like that and for it to end up on social media, that’s lower than low. It says so much about [Russell]. I think it might get so bad that he’s going to have to be traded. If I’m on that team, I’m not playing with him. It would literally be hard for me to sit in the locker room with him.

… C’mon dude. It just sheds some light on D’Angelo Russell and who he really is. Can this guy be trusted? For you to be at my house or for me to be at your house and you to record me like that? It’s almost like he’s setting him up. It’s crazy. This is going to follow him. … It’s never going away.

Tom Legler, also a former NBA player turned ESPN NBA analyst, said:

It’s a shady thing to do. People can write it off as immaturity, but I think it goes deeper than that. I think it speaks to your integrity as a person and your overall trustworthiness. It’s going to be a difficult thing for him to shed. I don’t know how you recover from something like this.

50 Cent, in a since-deleted Instagram post, called Russell a “sucka” who people need to stay away from:

50 post_o5aofi.jpg

Kobe Bryant, as a certified oldhead, simply said D’Angelo Russell will have to learn from this mistake and that others need to be honest with themselves and acknowledge everybody’s human and makes mistakes. He emphasized the necessity to show compassion and help Russell grow.

Byron Scott, when discussing Nick Young’s current bench-warming streak, said:

It’s been tough. This is probably the icing on the cake as far as how tough it can be,” Scott said. “He didn’t get off to a great start. His shooting has not been what it has been in the past. It went even a little downhill to the last couple of months. The situation last week didn’t help. We all as coaches, players and everybody feel for him and we understand the situation he’s in. It’s a tough situation.

In an interesting turn of events, Iggy Azalea, who first acknowledged the video by saying she enjoyed the film on Twitter, sat down with Ellen Degeneres and claimed her and Young were “good” and there was “no drama at home, just on the internet.” Additionally, while interviewed on a radio show, she said that Nick Young was able to slide this time around because she had no proof that what was said was true but emphasized, “Screw bro code,” citing their engagement as an actual verbalized commitment and acknowledgement that infidelity is a big no-no. She then said she told Young that if anything like this happened again, she’d (excuse my language) cut off his penis.

Unfortunately for D’Angelo Russell, this little incident has been subject to a lot of public scrutiny/public opinion; however, while looking at different tweets regarding the incident, I found it interesting that there seemed to be somewhat of a gender divide between those that thought Russell snitched (males) and those that thought Young was getting off easy for his infidelity (females).

So who is actually at fault?

If you let the majority of news sources tell it, many people point the blame of Russell for breaking the code of silence, or bro code, or whatever code you want to call it. However, some believe that the, “It says something concerning about the state of both the media and the public when the person who brought Young’s cheating to light is suffering more ridicule than Young himself.”

Ultimately, I think who people deem as at fault depends on their moral compass. Do you dislike a cheater more than the one who brings the cheating to light? Do you think secret videotaping is worse than extramarital affairs?

But, on a more general (and perhaps more dramatic) note, I think the response to this hot mess highlights the double-standards males have.

If the secret video recording taken by Russell was of Iggy Azalea admitting she’d had an affair and it had been leaked, people would have jumped on Iggy Azalea like white on rice regarding her infidelity and probably praised Russell for looking out for his teammate, but when the shoe’s on the other foot, it’s seen as snitching.

Compared to the situation with Kehlani and PARTYNEXTDOOR, where PARTYNEXTDOOR essentially snitched on Kehlani and Kehlani was dragged through the mud, there is a clear difference in response and I can’t help but to think that gender plays a role in it.

The response to D’Angelo Russell’s secret videotaping as compared to the response to Kehlani’s alleged infidelity seems to show that women are expected to be faithful but men are held more accountable for being “disloyal” to friends than they are to be held accountable for being unfaithful to their significant others.

Was D’Angelo Russell dumb for that video? Well, yeah. I still don’t really understand what his original intention of the video was. Is it acceptable for people to be caping for Nick Young? Hell no.

A lot of the discussion regarding why Russell’s actions are such a cardinal sin involve the word trust, but I’m pretty sure, in the commitment of marriage, trust is a lot more crucial. If people want to bring up the word trust to demonize Russell, then they should demonize Young too.

The case of D’Angelo Russell and the broken “bro code”

#TeamChyna aka #TeamPetty

A little less than a month ago, I mentioned in my post about Kim K’s semi-nude that Blac Chyna was infiltrating on the Kardashian clan after finally getting Rob Kardashian out of the house.

I return to you now to say: Blac Chyna has, undoubtedly, infiltrated the Kardashian clan (or as someone said yesterday, the Kartrashians) by getting engaged to Rob Kardashian!


In case you’re wondering, that ring is 7 carats.




Both Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian aren’t afraid to flex it on the ‘gram (rightfully so). They’ve posted several videos showing off her bling from a variety of angles.

As I’m sure some of you can imagine, social media is loving this.


And so am I.

When I grow up, I want to be as petty as Blac Chyna – oh, excuse me, I mean… (future) Angela Kardashian.

That’s right, not only is she engaged to the man, but she reportedly fully intends to become a real, live KARDASHIAN.

Do you know what’s even greater about that? Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna’s baby daddy’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, can’t even be a Kardashian. IT’S SO AMAZING. The only Kardashian who can pass his name off to anyone is Rob and he’s marrying Blac Chyna who, assuming they have kids, will be the one carrying on the Kardashian name! Ah-may-zing.


I’m sure some of you are wondering how this is related to mass communication, and truthfully, my support for the underlying pettiness of this all has nothing to do with mass communication, but the response – or lack of response – from key players does.

Not a single Kardashian has publicly acknowledged, or congratulated, the two’s engagement, but Amber Rose, Blac Chyna’s best friend, took to both Twitter and IG to congratulate the couple.


amber chy.PNG

*She even made them an emoji on her new emoji app (which I still haven’t downloaded but shamelessly admit I probably will because I LOVE MUVA ROSE)*


Oddly enough, when you search the Kardashian’s congratulating Rob Kardashian on his engagement, the only articles that come up are about how he allegedly “blindsided” his family by the proposal. None of the articles really focus on this simple fact: THEY HAVEN’T CONGRATULATED THEIR BROTHER ON HIS ENGAGEMENT.

The Kardashians have always been in an… interesting spotlight… that they chose to put themselves in since they started their show years and years ago; however, Rob Kardashian had, for quite awhile, been somewhat of an outsider, rarely appearing anywhere and clearly suffering. Unlike the other Kardashians, who are constantly on social media, Rob Kardashian had ZERO personal accounts. The media’s reporting of the Kardashians response to the engagement reeks of favoritism that the Kardashian clan has been able to garner up (Rob Kardashian excluded).

Hollywood Life even reported that the Kardashians have been quiet on social media to “spare” Rob Kardashian’s feelings as they’re in “crisis mode” over his new engagement.

Like any responsible entertainment news consumer, I have my skepticism.

  • Is Blac Chyna only in the relationship to be petty and infiltrate the Kardashian clan/rub it in Kylie’s face?
  • Are the Kardashians actually in crisis mode or have they spoken to him privately?
    • Even then, still kind of weird considering they live on social media
  • Is it kind of weird that it’s only been 4 months and they’re engaged?
  • Could it be an elaborate scheme concocted by both Blac Chyna AND Rob Kardashian to get back at the family that’s wronged them? 

Who knows, the possibilities are endless. But, what I do know is that the social media presence of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna as a couple has resulted in quite a few people supporting them either as fans of petty revenge (like me) or people legitimately happy about the fact that Blac Chyna has Rob Kardashian out of the house, on social media, on the treadmill, etc. (also me)

Rob’s IG is just full of himself getting in shape with Blac Chyna’s support; he refers to her as his new trainer (he’s already lost 50 pounds!!!!).

However, his IG also has posts of Kim Kardashian’s snaps to him so I guess things are fine in their neck of the woods?

I think situations such as this encourage people to pick sides in “celebrity” lives while also tying us to things that we feel we can personally relate to. In this case, it seems like some of those things are love, happiness, pettiness and sweet, sweet revenge.

#TeamChyna aka #TeamPetty

This group of Baltimore teens is tired of Trump

I’m not sure if I’ve said this at all yet but I’m a liberal Democrat and I really dislike Donald Trump, so imagine my delight when I came across a Tumblr post about a viral anti-Trump rap video. Warning: contains a lot of explicit language. 

The song, “CIT4DT,” short for Choppa in the Trunk for Donald Trump, went viral March 27 after being posted to YouTube by three Baltimore teens. The video, featuring a popular Internet personality, Ibrahim, who is known for comedy skits, has been shared on various platforms. On, the video has more than 330,000 views. Other popular social media accounts have also shared the video, such as The Shade Room.

Though the song contains violent lyrics, Ibrahim insists none of the threats were real, stating he wouldn’t harm a fly, citing his religion (he’s Muslim) as a focal point of his stance against harming others. He told a newspaper, “We don’t got no damn chopper! My religion says don’t even kill.” However, when you think about it, his religion may be part of what fuels his dislike of Donald Trump, who is known to make Islamophobic remarks.

Additionally, humor is brought into the song with lyrics such as:

“Boy ain’t even white/You yellow,” in reference to his orange skin complexion.


You said you’d date your own daughter/You a sicko,” (I think that one speaks for itself).



“That’s why that n***a tried to pop you in Ohio,” referring to when a protester tried to rush the stage when Trump was speaking.

The hook? “F**k Trump, f**k Trump, f**k Trump, he a b***h and a half.”

But what does this viral video mean for Trump? Does the popularity of this video tell us something we didn’t already know? My immediate thought is: No, not at all. The primary demographic of those present in the video, as well as of the majority of sites the video was shared on, are minorities, and, given Trump’s track record of saying all the wrong things at any time, I’m more surprised when I come across a minority that actually likes Trump than I am when I come across one that doesn’t.

However, it does pose a question of what the hell can stop Trump?

Will it be demographics that will stop Trump in his tracks, if, God forbid, he wins the Republican nomination?

Does the popularity of this video hint that Trump may be in danger of becoming a target for other anti-Trump messages similar to “CIT4DT”?

How long can Trump survive without the support of minorities?

And, most importantly: Is he ever going to admit that’s a toupée on his head?

This group of Baltimore teens is tired of Trump

The art of music: A glimpse into my love/hate relationship with Chris Brown as a person

I’ve been a Chris Brown fan since before he released his self-titled debut album.

Before I said anything else, I thought that was important to state.

Some people didn’t start paying attention to Chris Brown until the incident, and most of those people only paid attention to him for the shenanigans.

I remember I was cheering at a basketball game when the news caught wind of the incident and decided it was appropriate to plaster the picture of Rihanna’s face all over. As a fan, it shook me to my core. But again, I’ve been a Chris Brown fan since before he released his self-titled debut album. I’m not sure how other people are, but for me to remain a fan of someone for such a lengthy amount of time it means I’ve formed some sort of attachment to the music, and most likely, I’ve also realized I relate to the artist.

It’s at this point I suspect you’re thinking, “Bri, you’re a 21-year-old female about to graduate college and after your spring break trip, you’re broke as hell. You can hold a tune, I guess. And you’re definitely no second-coming of Michael Jackson on the dance floor. What in the world could you possibly relate to?”

If that’s what you’re thinking: thank you. I appreciate your inquisitive mind, and I will address this question broadly, and then specifically.

What makes an artist, well, an artist? A lot of back and forth goes into the argument of the role of celebrities, especially musicians and athletes, when it comes to the question of whether or not the way they live their life influences others. The words “role model” get thrown around a lot and I guess that’s fair. These are incredibly public figures, and they often have people that look up to them, but they’re also only human. They’re dreamers. That’s how they got where they are. And don’t we all dream?

To me, an artist is someone that can use their talent to inspire, to create, to motivate, to… give.

Music is good for the soul, and it’s also a way of sharing messages (both positive and negative). This is also something that’s constantly discussed. Does “gangsta rap” promote violence? Does Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda promote twerking? (Side note: my Macbook doesn’t mark “twerking” as a misspelling. Wow).

So, relaying this back to the original question: How do I relate to Chris Brown?

I’ll avoid the deep, dark details because, again, this isn’t the place for me to really be myself but I’ll say this: When I needed to hear a message, and I mean really needed to hear it, Chris Brown was the one that offered it to me.

A lot of people look at me like I have 3839578934 heads when I say I’m a Chris Brown fan, and I guess I can understand why.

He is probably the most problematic “fave” one could have. He’s impulsive; he’s temperamental; and for a lack of better word, sometimes he can be a real a**hole. But sometimes I look at him and I see things, aspects of him that people probably don’t pay attention to.

I see a lot of things in other people because I’m familiar with them myself.

I see pain. I see struggle. I see… sadness.

And I guess the reason I relate to him, the reason I’m such a fan of him, is because I can look at him and see parts of myself, and sometimes when I listen to him, I can hear parts of myself.


The general point I hope I made in this post is that musicians have the potential to play a huge part in people’s lives, even if it’s just based on what they relay in their music, and even more-so when they become relatable outside of their music.

The art of music: A glimpse into my love/hate relationship with Chris Brown as a person

What makes a great romance film?

Because I believe in full transparency, I guess I’ll start this by saying: It’s 2:20 in the morning and this is the first time I’ve sat down to write my blogposts. By the time I finish, I’m willing to bet I’ll have spent at least an hour of my time typing, then deleting, then typing again. I’ll probably post it, then reread it and realize something doesn’t flow properly – or maybe I’ll misspell something – and that’ll tack on additional fifteen minutes or so.

Why does that matter, you ask? To illustrate that I’m knowingly going through this struggle because I, for the life of me, can’t think of anything I’m interested in writing.

Sure, I could write about how Kehlani seemingly broke Kyrie Irving’s heart and thus, the internet, after her ex, PARTYNEXTDOOR, posted a picture that appeared to be of her in his bed, and a month or so ago when I started writing these posts, I probably would’ve… With screenshots and all. I probably would’ve made a joke about how tattoos can snitch on you. But, for whatever reason, I’m not feeling inspired to do so.

I mean, I know this is a blog for a class and therefore I can’t spew out my deep, dark secrets and let people actually know about me. (Sorry fellow classmates, I just can’t do it). But I was sitting here, thinking of what to write and then I realized that maybe the reason I can’t think of anything to write about is because I’m having trouble finding something that’s more… me.

I know this is a media and mass communications class, so hopefully focusing more on myself won’t blow up in my face (I guess I’ll just have to wait until the next set of grades are posted sometime down the line), but I don’t really know how else to write. I’ve always been better when it comes to writing about myself.

Solong-winded explanation most of you probably couldn’t have cared less about if you tried out of the way, I bring you tonight’s… or this morning’s… topic -and hopefully this isn’t too much of a stretch: What makes a great romance film?

Is it the sudden love that magically appears between two people who – more often than not – are completely different (which social psychology would say is not the way things normally happen)? Is it the corny scenes that we know would (most likely) never happen in real life but still find heartwarming anyway? Is it the tragedy of the inevitable fallout (most) romance films insert between the main characters? Is it the relief we get when it all works out in the end?


Is it just the fact that our desperate desire to love and be loved by someone who actually means it is projected in front of us and – for a moment, however brief it is – we start to believe that anything… no, everything… is possible when it comes to love?

I fervently believe that movies are a huge mode of communication. Every now and then, I think about the fact that we were raised on Disney movies about princes and princesses and sold the same love story in different wrapping paper… And we believed it. Hell (wait, can I say that…), I think some of us, if not all of us, still do.

Titanic, released in 1997, is still the third-highest grossing movie in the domestic market behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Avatar. Titanic made a whopping $658,672,302. It’s been almost two decades. Oddly enough, the next romance film on the list appears to be Forrest Gump at #41.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes in at #57, and it earned less than half the amount Titanic did.

Complete transparency again: I am slightly proud, but mostly ashamed, to say that I 1) have seen all of the Twilight movies, 2) own all of the Twilight movies, 3) most definitely got a little teary-eyed when I thought everybody and their mama died in the last movie and most importantly, 4) am Team Edward (even though at times he was kind of creepy).

Rewinding back to Titanic: Of all the romance movies that have been released, what in the world was it about this one movie that led to it being the highest-grossed romance movie?

I think the answer is it was a mixture of reality and fantasy.

The Titanic existed. It really was a ship that sank after hitting an iceberg. Rose really did…. Actually, no, no she didn’t.

The truth to Titanic stops as soon as you reach the romantic plot, but it sure does sound nice, right?

Lower-class boy meets upper-class girl. Lower-class boy and upper-class girl fall in love. Ship crashes into iceberg. Chaos everywhere. Boy dies saving girl in freezing cold ocean (MythBusters claim that there’s no way Rose could’ve given him part of the door; I still have my doubts!).

Time and time again, we see the same themes in romance movies, but how realistic is any of it?

In 2008, TIME wrote an article titled: “Are Romantic Movies Bad for You?” The short answer: All signs point to it. The gist of it is that a study found that people shape their relationship standards around “Hollywood couples,” leading them to believe in things such as fate or destiny or… dare I say… soulmates, which apparent doesn’t fair well in “the real world.” Another article noted that those who were fans of some romance movies ended up being poor communicators with their partners, feeling that their partner should know when something’s wrong and know how to fix it if they’re meant to be.

Apparently, rom-coms turn viewers into hopeless romantics.

But, to some extent, romance movies serve an important purpose: Like I said earlier, a good romance movie makes everything seem possible. And they all have memorable moments.

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

“Her love is like the wind; I can’t see it, but I can feel it.”

“I’m the king of the world!”

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly and then all at once.”

These are quotes. Quotes that I know. Not that I searched. I just know them. I remember them.

So yeah, I guess you could say that romance films provide people with that brief moment of oblivion during which time they believe that anything – everything – is possible in love. And maybe that can be detrimental to our relationships. But maybe not.

Temporarily, we believe in bumping into a stranger and just… knowing. We believe in having a brief interaction with a stranger that leads to seeing a movie that leads to a friendship that leads to one of the most epic love stories of all time. But, on a smaller scale, temporarily, we believe in a love that lasts. We believe in a love that is pure and imperfect but always has the best of intentions. Temporarily, we just… believe.

I guess it just depends on what you see when you look up at a big screen and see two people that had been written into a love story arguing and then, before the movie ends, figuring things out.

Like I said, I’m not sure if romance movies would be considered part of mass communication, but if not, I guess I don’t really see why.

Romance movies gain followers, just like Twitter accounts do. They shape opinions. They impact emotions. They make people laugh; they make people cry; they make people hope. And maybe sometimes, they even convince people to believe.

What makes a great romance film?

#IStandWithMaria ….. JUST kidding.

I spent the last hour contemplating what to write this additional blog post about. I haven’t really been paying much attention to the media this week, apparently. But then I was scrolling down my Tumblr dashboard… *Yes, I have a Tumblr, but forget you read that* and came across this post:

UntitledUntitled 2

tumblr_inline_o3q318j39d1s8aoba_500.gifUntitled 4

And that’s when I realized I found something to write about.

Sidenote: That last comment was totally supposed to say Serena, not “Selena,” but I feel like we all get the point.

So, where should I begin?

Maria Sharapova, who has consistently lost to Serena Williams for over a decade, recently admitted she failed a drug test.

What has ensued since then is… interesting.

To quickly explain how Serena Williams may come into play here: Many fans, especially black fans, have felt that Maria Sharapova is a highly-overrated player, citing the fact that Sharapova earns way more money than Serena Williams even though she seems to be way less good (She’s only beaten Serena Williams like.. twice). Beyond that, when PEDs are part of the discussion, it’s hard for some fans to ignore the apparent blatant hypocrisy of how media and fans are reacting to Maria Sharapova’s recent “doping” scandal as compared to how media/tabloids has previously accused Serena Williams of taking steroids. And of course, many sports fans aren’t too shy to suggest that the criticism of Serena Williams’ body is tied to her race.

But back to Sharapova: She recently admitted she failed a drug test due to her usage of a recently banned drug, Meldonium, that aids oxygen uptake and endurance. She alleges she’s been taking it for approximately 10 years for various health issues. However, some of her story’s a little iffy.

According to Sharapova, she received notification of changes to the ban list but, for whatever reason, didn’t choose to look at the changes; in fact, apparently no one on her team felt the need to look at them, something that others have criticized her for. Dick Pound, former WADA president, even pointed out that her story about the long-term use of the drug is questionable due to the fact that Meldonium is generally not a long-term drug.

Additionally, two-time Australian Open champ Jennifer Capriati went on a Twitter rant suggesting that Sharapova had “the high priced team of drs that found a way for [her] to cheat and get around the system and wait for science to catch up” and argued that ultimately, the only thing the meds were benefitting were Sharapova’s bank account.

With that out of the way, onward to the fun stuff: Twitter.

#IStandWithMaria and #LetMariaPlay emerged as Twitter (and Facebook) hashtag to show support for Maria Sharapova while other members of Twitter took issue with the media response and reimagined the situation as one with Serena Williams on the podium announcing drug usage rather than Sharapova. Some examples of tweets:



Untitled 11.png

Untitled 8.pngUntitled 6.pngUntitled 3.pngUntitled 2.pngQuite honestly, if you look at the hashtag on Twitter, you might think she announced she had a life-threatening illness rather than intentionally or negligently, depending on whose side you’re on, remaining on a drug that was on the banned list and getting caught.

So I guess the main point of this, or perhaps the main curiosity you all have reading this is: What do I think? Do I think Sharapova knowingly took a PED? Do I think she’s getting white privilege-esque treatment in the media/from fans?

Well, before I answer any questions, let’s delve into the “serena williams steroids” Twitter search results:

Untitled 7.pngUntitled 9.pngUntitled 10.pngUntitled 4.png

and my (least) favorite: Untitled.png

So now that we’ve looked at both sides of this, here’s the opinion I’ve developed based on what I’ve seen.

  1. Do I think Sharapova knowingly took a PED?
    • I’m still not quite sure
    • I find it suspicious that she claims she didn’t check the updated banned drug list, especially since she alleges she’s been taking a drug for a decade
    • It’s also suspicious since Russian athletes are popping up positive for the drug as well
    • Either way, I think she’s guilty of something: Be it intentional use of a PED that had previously gone under the radar or irresponsibly failing to check an updated list that she claims she only got notified of once while others have stated she’d been notified at least five times
    • Also, if she intentionally took a PED and still lost to Serena Williams 18 times in a row…410729.gif
  2. Do I think she’s getting white privilege-esque treatment from the media (and fans)?
    • The short answer? Yes.
    • The longer answer? I think part of the difference between reactions to Sharapova as compared to Serena Williams has to do with Serena Williams’ physique and never-ending success — as well as her blackness
    • Serena Williams, who has historically passed drug tests, is constantly accused of drug usage, as well as belittled for her build
    • Meanwhile, when Sharapova actually takes a banned drug, people are “caping” for her and suddenly, a discussion about banned drugs is emerging
    • Additionally, I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that Peyton Manning’s alleged steroid usage has been generally shoved under a rug by media
    • I truly do believe Serena Williams would have been “slaughtered” by the media, but again, I think part of that is because she’s much more “fitting” for what people imagine PED’s looking like
      • She’s ridiculously fit/muscular
      • She’s ridiculously great at what she does
      • And she’s just generally… quite different from others in the sport — except her twin sister

Naturally, I acknowledge my biased. As a (part) black female, I find how people respond to Serena Williams’ build and overall appearance to be offensive. However, I do believe that there’s something fishy about Maria Sharapova’s story that many media outlets aren’t digging deeply enough into. While some people claim the drug Sharapova was using is not really a PED, the fact that it’s surfaced on the banned drugs list seems to suggest that experts are starting to think otherwise and perhaps once it’s not so “new” on the list, more information will be released on it/more will be understood regarding how it enhances performance, but I think that the publics’ willingness to dismiss the drug as not classifying as a PED shows some level of preferential treatment that other athletes, such as Serena Williams, would not get.

If it were Serena Williams, I believe the narrative would be much different. The Twitter searches wouldn’t be so much defending her and talking about “praying” and supporting her, but instead it would be about how people “knew” she was on something.

I’m not sure if I’m willing to make a complete leap onto the “race card” train, but I do think that the case of Sharapova and her failed drug test does bring up an interesting conversation on how media changes it’s story for different individuals, especially in the sports world.









#IStandWithMaria ….. JUST kidding.

The irony of Kim Kardashian’s semi-nude

As we’ve established, I really don’t like Kanye West. So when I was scrolling down my Twitter TL late Sunday night/Monday morning and saw that someone had retweeted Kim Kardashian’s semi-nude, which I couldn’t believe she’d actually tweeted, I was cackling. Like, seriously. It was I don’t even know what time in the morning and I was cracking up.


* Actual visual representation of my reaction, brought to you by none other than the GOAT *

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those females that’s a huge believer in sexual liberation and all of that but… Come on. The irony!

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s wife and the mother of his two children, posted a  semi-nude photo on Twitter a little over a month after Kanye West attempted to drag Amber Rose on Twitter for her stripper past.

Then Kim Kardashian went on a Kanye-esque shade-throwing mini-rampage tweeting things like:

“sorry I’m late to the party guys I was busy cashing my 80 million video game check & transferring 53 million into our joint account 🤑🤑🤑💰💰💰

and responding to a few celebrities who had some negative things to say about her photo.

I find it all so funny. Kim Kardashian is weird. That picture was from like a year ago, according to one of her follow-up tweets. I half-expected her to hit us with another “Lol, North took my phone! And she even came up with a clever caption!”

I could probably go on about this for awhile, but something worth noting is Bette Midler’s piping hot tea (and she also had a point).

So now I’m left wondering: Does this mean Kanye will rant about this own wife? Is it “art” when Kim Kardashian posts a semi-nude (later she posted another where her arms were covering her chest) on Twitter? What’s really going on in the land of Kanye West?

Also, as soon as I saw the photo, I imagined Amber Rose and Blac Chyna looking like:


before Blac Chyna returned to infiltrating the Kardashian clan after finally getting Rob Kardashian out of the house. He’s even working out now!

I just find it interesting that Kanye West attempts to drag Amber Rose through the mud for being an ex-stripper while his wife strips down for Twitter early in the morning on a Monday and I can’t help but wonder if I’m the only one who sees both the hysterical irony and ridiculous hypocrisy of it all.



The irony of Kim Kardashian’s semi-nude